Dude : 19/09/2017 - Time for T et Raphaël Esterhazy

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Dude : 19/09/2017 - Time for T et Raphaël Esterhazy

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❖ 20H00 - Raphael Esterhazy
(solo acoustique, Pop)
Mélange entre rêve et réalité, Raphaël (également chanteur du groupe "Konoba") vous interprètera au piano et à la guitare quelques compositions mélodieusement empreintes de cette douce mélancolie qui le carrectérise.

❖ 21H00 - TIME FOR T
(Tropical Folk Rock from Brighton, UK)

Comprised of smooth eclecticism, TIME FOR T have risen from the creative centrifuge that is the southern UK city of Brighton via Portugal, Switzerland and all corners of England. Their unique breed of sound travels through a rhythm of afrobeat, indie, folk and rock & roll to create waves that grow with torrential intensity. Once locked in from the climbing beat, the lyrics and their deliverance by frontman Tiago Saga transport the listener through stories and experiences with photographic vividness capturing audiences from New York to Beirut and Los Angeles to Berlin.

○ Informations pratiques :
→ Concerts GRATUITS !!!
→ 3A Place des Sciences, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve